My First Sewing Machine

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Jan 162012

This is a continuation of my first blog “Inspiration”. My fascination grew for sewing and I clearly recall a time when I was around 5 or 6 years old. I don’t exactly recall if it was Christmas or my birthday (as they are only twelve days apart), but I received a gift of a plastic Toy. It was a Necchi Super Nova Deluxe from my Mom and Dad. It was the most awesome and most memorable toy I have ever gotten. It was a muted turquoise color with cream color trim. (I was lucky enough to find a picture one that looked like mine.) It was molded to look like it had all kinds of dials and settings.  It did this perfect chain stitch and I loved that little machine more than any doll I got that year. Then one day my brothers were playing and accidently broke the inner mechanism that creates the chain stitch. I was crushed. And even if it no longer worked I still kept it. I don’t know what ever became of it. For all I know it may still be in my mom’s house packed away.

As I got older, my Mom started trusting me to use her machine, a 1940’s singer in a wooden cabinet. Only did a straight stitch, but I made some cool stuff on it. She still has that machine in her bedroom as of this day.

All through my life, machines have come and gone, each one doing cooler stitches than the one before. And in all that, the little plastic Necchi is the one I remember and love the most.


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Dec 152011

She remembers a lifetime ago seeing her mother up late at night sewing on her machine, guided only by the machine’s little light. Effortlessly making clothes and making repairs for her six children. Times were different then. Clothes were often passed down and often re-purposed. Sewing supplies were simple: a nice pair of stainless steel scissors, steel pins, a pincushion with little Chinese men surrounding it (which she still has to this day), a seam ripper and thread on wooden spools. Pattern paper? The daily newspaper did just fine.

Her admiration and fascination of her mom taking folded fabrics, and in a short time manipulating them into something pretty. It was almost like watching a magician perform her best magic.

Yes, I speaking of my mother here. My first source of inspiration and influence of what I do to this day. I have been blessed that she is still with me and will be 92 years old soon.

These are priceless memories for me. My goal has always been to try to create priceless memories for others as well.

I am hoping to be posting many things on my new blog. I will from time to time post tips on sewing as well as photos of my students work and many other surprises along the way. So join me on my journey of making priceless memories for you and your family too….

Welcome To Sew Happy Blog

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Dec 052011

Stay tuned for the latest news from Queen’s Knight Seven Sewing Lessons right here on the Sew Happy Blog.

Just because we are sew happy!

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