Sewing Lessons

Sewing Lessons

What you can expect in your lesson:
I focus on what interests you. The lessons come in 2 or 3 hour slots and are by appointment only. They are usually one-on-one, unless otherwise arranged for more students. I teach anywhere from beginning to advanced techniques in sewing, including all but not limited to: pattern making, how to read pattern instructions or adjusting patterns, piecing and quilting, embroidery (digitized machine or free motion), zipper installation, alterations, hemming, hand sewing techniques, curtains, pillows, general clothing construction and fabric knowledge.

Advantages of one-on-one lessons:
The student is not competing with other students they may not be familiar with.
Greater individualized attention for faster and more productive learning. You don’t have to wait for help if you get stuck on a certain area of your project. Outer classroom support; You may call or email me if you need help while trying to work on a project at home.

How many lessons can I take?
You may sign up for one or as many lessons as you want. I have some who come weekly to some who come once in a while to those who only need advice one time on a personal project.
I do offer discount packages (pre-payment is required for this discount) for students under 18 years of age and for those want to take the lesson with a friend or family member.
As a self employed person I can not give any refunds, but lessons can be transferable upon approval.

Don’t have a machine?
I have a couple of machines that can be used in the classroom for you, until you decide if you want to get one for your own. Beverly’s does not carry machines, but I will make recommendations on types that might suit you.

Check the schedule at Beverly’s for my upcoming workshops. The workshops will be for intermediate to expert sewers.

Classroom Guidelines:

Paying and advance paying:
All lessons can be paid in advance or at time of class. Cash or check accepted. If paid in advance, there are no refunds, but lesson(s) can be transferable to someone else (friend/family member) Also note on advance payment that “no call/no shows” may forfeit part of your advance payment too. Just for that lesson’s appointed time. There is a six month limit in which to use your advance payment. On occasion we may be sharing the room with another type of class (not sewing, maybe craft), but you will still get the attention you need.

Please give at least 24 hour notice if possible to cancel or reschedule a lesson. This helps me maybe contact others who may have wanted that time, but I had held for you. I realize life happens and it is on occasion unavoidable that you call the day of, but it is greatly appreciated that you call anyway.

Age requirements:
I accept ages 6 and up.

Parents or guardian of younger students, you may leave student or stay for lesson. If you leave the student, please make sure I have a contact number in case of emergency. We work with sharp objects and a hot iron (I usually handle the iron). But part of the lesson is teaching them how to safely use these items. If you stay, I just ask that you not interrupt the lesson for your child. I have had family members, just sit and read, balance their checkbook or just walk around the store during that time

At no time is the child allowed to wander around the store by themselves, go to the restroom by themselves or left unattended in the classroom.

Other than children signed up for the lesson, no other children or adults are allowed to stay during that time. This includes adults you may be the caregiver of. Please make babysitting arrangements. Bringing them creates a distraction for everyone in the room. Plus that child usually gets very bored. If you bring a child or adult not signed up as a student, you will be asked to reschedule.

Food and Drink:
Students may bring beverages and snacks to the room. Some lessons are scheduled right before a meal, so I allow this if it helps keep the focus on the lesson.

Two hours: $45.00 per lesson

Three hours: $60.00 per lesson

Prepay is $110 for 6 hours of lessons

I offer group discounts too. Advance payment required for special prepay pricing for all students.

My days of attendance at Jo-Ann’s’s are: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
My days of attendance at Beverly’s are: Friday and Saturday.
Hours of availability vary according to appointments. I can book appointments from 12 pm until about 6:30 pm the latest.
(Map & Directions for Jo-Ann’s & Beverly’s on my Contact Page.)

Deal of The day Vouchers
“Deal of the day” as offered thru The Californian or Channel 17 are redeemable here. “Deal of the day” students, please present voucher prior too or at time of lesson. No call/no shows will void voucher. Calling in to cancel in less than 24 hours may void voucher at my discretion. Expiration date: Please set up the time for your lesson prior to that date.

Gift Certificates:
I have my own gift certificates available for purchase. Please use these certificates within 6 months of purchase unless other arrangements are made. A receipt is issued upon request on any purchase made.

Purchase discounts:
Beverly’s also offers the student a 10% discount on all purchases made at time of the class.

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